Thursday, February 5, 2015

Not done dreaming, yet.

Today, I faced the morning half-awake although I came from a beautiful slumber. It was an unusual routine for me having to battle with the morning rush for work's sake. Two minutes before logging in, I got the chance to view what the world looked like from the 26th floor, I said, 'Ah, yes, this.'

It was one of the days when I needed to fulfill my job on a site I personally prefer. This is Makati. This is the closest I can be to the kind of day I would love to have an encounter with. I have basically lived in the north and I knew fair enough this wasn't my turf.

But this is my idea of a corporate job I would rather have in the absence of a choice, a whole stretch of avenue tiled with sky scrapers at every corner. People in sharp business suits and the look and feel of being at this spot, but connected to the world at the same time.

It was time for lunch when I decided to head out with just a P100.00 bill on my pocket. I had no idea where this would take me or if this would take me somewhere, but I still went on with the flock of people spreading towards different directions. I didn't know who to follow, this was relatively a whole new world for me. But I admire the idea of being there, of not knowing where to go in a place I have always wanted to be in. So I walked under the tunnel, crossed the streets not minding where I'm heading next but just merely following the impulse I was feeling that moment. I randomly met a friend under the tunnel who I haven't seen for years and it helped me gain some comfort of the new place although I wasn't feeling anxious with the change at all. I think it's the human nature to find comfort in something that's familiar. A quick hello and I headed back with the flow. I finally felt the need for lunch so I gave myself a quick meal, alone - something I was never fascinated about. But I got the fondness to do it more often, when chance mandates, to make lunch by myself as a merry moment. I was gently observing what's going on while the rest of the people from the  buildings around were having lunch as well, I was looking at their faces. They were all talking, however, I could not hear a thing of what they were saying, I saw them speaking but to me they all appear mute, all I could hear were noises from the sum of all their talks, simultaneously. And that's all right, I enjoyed the vibe in that rushing moment.

So I glanced out and still feeling blissful of the idea of finally being able to walk this street. After finishing my meal, I headed out again for some stroll and I saw one tower who's shadow was leaning against me. I stared bottom up. I realized I was there because I dream a dream only a few had dreamed of, a dream that's unlikely possible for someone as neophyte as I am, but I dared and having the courage to dream that dream has taught me so much, in fact has brought me to here today. But looking at that tower, something dawned on me. I am not done dreaming yet. For some, not to be contented is a not-so-pleasant remark, but I take it as being hungry for what is better. And I think that is something we need to instill within us, to not settle for what is available, but to use what is available as a stepping stone to reach greater heights, all because we deserve the best things in life.

This affirms, if you still don’t have the best things in life, then it only means there's still room for things to get better. That’s why we keep on dreaming.

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