Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A little Christmas note

I started writing this post with a glimmer of bitterness, about people and about how this year has been a well-blend of turmoil and bliss for me. Albeit the rough road in that 300+ days I have had this year, I think it makes a significant difference if I will end the year in a right way.

December marks an exciting array of festivities for me: having my birthday in between the Christmas and the New Year makes me feel special in a way, I have the perfect day to live out a lot of fun, a renewal of personal goals and a chance to look back on how the year was and revision the day after, with a new projection of how life should be lived.

So let me shrug all those bad vibes and let me start again by saying thank you to all of my dear friends who, in spite of my imperfections, have seen my true value and worth. Must I say, there are thousands of people you meet and get to say hello with, but only a handful of them are the ones worth keeping. Lesson learned and it is about time to choose and keep those who are well-worthy. And for that, especially this Christmas, I would like to believe that you are my most celebrated God-given gift. And let me say Thank You by returning a genuine heart. Those who are separated from me by land and sea, those who I recently met but have gotten a piece of my heart and those that for the longest time have remained sincere in the friendship we have invested on, I don't mind spending a lifetime with people like you.

To more Christmas seasons with you guys, Cheers!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Louder than anything else

I am not the most silent person you’ll ever meet, but, my loudness knows a cloud in which I am at ease.

In the hype of fun and laughter, where mundane things wrap the hours of the day, while the world is busy living, that is when I am able to speak out the words my mind wanted to release so bad. The flow of thoughts remains fluid albeit filtered. 

But the sound of my silence is deafening which makes me remain mute- with words left unspoken. That is how I function. Just like any typical guy, I speak less when it is about the business that my heart has been tasked.

If you ask me why, this mechanism is enigmatic. I am amazed how I could shift to silence so easily the moment that my heart feels something. Maybe because I know in silence there is refuge, there is calmness that the opposite finds it hard to attain.  Maybe because I think the world just wouldn’t care how I feel, which is a good thing, because I am able to control what my mind thinks, something not everyone is capable of. Maybe because I think the more words that slip from our tongue, the more prone we are to speak of something that is appalling – an instance not very difficult when one is at the peak of emotions. And maybe because even if our emotions are creeping out of agitation or the mere boldness of anger, our silence tells us who we really are and what we are really made of. We are strong individuals; we are able to stop ourselves from bargaining our words to the world for whatever its worth. One thing I realized, we don't really, at all times, need to vent everything out. The world can only tolerate as much.

Because we know the value of silence even if the world stimulates us to just drop it. People may not understand, but we know, less is more.

So let my silence be my words as it is louder than anything else.